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Sign up and learn together with others online,

or book an individual 1:1 tutoring session.


I offer two types of 1:1 tutoring: Reserved Status & Consulting Status


Reserved Status is the most common individual tutoring session. Students meet with me, once or twice a week, at a regularly scheduled time. This is a reoccurring Question & Answer time that allows us to dig in and answer questions on topics the student is currently working through. We are able to connect and fill in gaps of misunderstanding. It also allows us to explore upcoming topics relating to what the student is currently learning. 

Consulting Status is set up on an as-needed basis. Consulting Status is also a Question & Answer tutoring time, but is not a regularly scheduled session and depends on available time slots. If the current schedule is full, it is possible no tutoring session may be available. The times and days for Consulting Status sessions may vary from week to week.

All sessions are conducted online through private Zoom sessions. Each session is approximately 45 minutes.

If you are interested in individual tutoring sessions, please contact me for times and details.


Group Sessions & Study Groups are set up on an as-needed basis. Please contact me for times and details.

Individual Tutoring
Group Tutoring
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