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The numbers are staggering. Report after report declares low retention levels in mathematics from one grade to the next. Since math concepts often build on each other, any gap from year to year can cause huge frustrations and misunderstanding in later learning.

The frustration students experience is what motivates my heart to tutor math. Very often, small clarifications can lead to larger connections and improved understanding.

Math is often the least favorite subject for many students. Some learn it well and move forward; many just declare “I’m not a math person.” For them, the gap of understanding feels too large.

My mission is to close this gap by helping students understand the foundational concepts that matter later in algebra, trigonometry and calculus courses.

This was all true before pandemic learning came onto the scene in 2020. My heart breaks for the difficulties students face as they trudge through already frustrating processes.

Teachers stepped up, gave extra time, and followed up with students. They tried everything to connect-the-dots for many students, but the unknown landscape made everything difficult.

Since previously there have been gaps in the math learning process, I believe there will be even greater gaps and frustrations after the pandemic learning environment. Students who struggled with math before the pandemic could face even larger gaps, and students who did not struggle previously may now find math concepts difficult. Students can not successfully move into advancing concepts without a firm foundational understanding of what came before.

Amazing teachers are most successful when they have taught a student how to learn. Ultimately, a student must want to learn a subject. When a topic doesn’t make sense, they need to dig in and ask questions. No teacher (no matter how amazing) can teach to an entire classroom, all the time, without someone wondering, “What did you just say?”

This website is my contribution in helping students become advocates for themselves. Math takes work, and it can feel hard. But practice and a willingness to ask questions and seek answers can help a student succeed.

If you are a student struggling with math this site was created with you in mind. On this site, you will find several free math concept examples. Use these free examples to help understand what you are learning. Hopefully, along with your class learning, these examples will help you makes sense of the concepts you are studying. If not, keep digging into it. There are also many other terrific math websites for learning. Check out some of my favorites here.

The best way to become successful at math is to practice a little bit over a long period of time. Keep at it! If you get stuck ask a friend for help, ask your mom or dad, contact a teacher, or hire a tutor.

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